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The beauty and ingenuity of Spanish embroidery

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"No one is blending the concepts of “art” and “table” like Iloema” The New York Times.

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Beautiful objects with a simple goal: to put the connection between heart and hand before the transient and commercial.

Our ethos

Hilo + Poema = Iloema (ee-loh-eh-maa)

Our products tell the most beautiful stories of humanity. That is why our name is inspired by the Spanish words Hilo (thread) and Poema (poem). We promote Spanish textile crafts by blending the tradition of the textile artisan with the vision of the contemporary artist in works of art and textiles for the home.


The Modern Artisan.

Fostering a generational succession is essential to preserve an ancient tradition on the brink of extinction and is at the heart of what we do at Iloema. Alberto Simón is an exceptionally talented young man who has learnt to extract the purity of embroidery from the master artisans in Lagartera and Herreruela - two influential towns in the ancient craft of the thread.

Los artesanos

Artists Edition: Blanca Muñoz

The work of contemporary artist Blanca Muñoz uses a powerful spatial concept also present in embroidery: the negative or empty space that’s left on the fabric is crucial to appreciate the thread and the pattern. It is precisely this relationship what generates its beauty. This respect for emptiness is at the heart of Blanca’s work. The Japanese call this notion Ma ( 間 ) and it pervades their life. It's not considered an absence of something that separates but as a relationship and the heart of things.

Tribute to a family Icon.

The original version of this bag has been in our family for almost a century, and Aurea, our grandmother, was its latest custodian (hence its name). The craftsmanship behind this piece is simply remarkable. Reissuing this new edition exquisitely made in various towns of Toledo is our tribute to its timeless elegance and meticulous attention to detail.


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