Tables/ Puffs July and August

Puff or tables, July and August, elaborated in the Real Fabrica de Tapices together with the artist Antonio Ballester Moreno, using a new hybrid technique between tapestry and carpet. The materials used are linen for the warp and wool for the weft. Looking for the best possible fidelity to the chromatic qualities of the artist, the dyeing process of the wool has been carried out in the dyeing room of the Real Fabrica de Tapices..

Yarns: Mustard - Cobalt blue - Off White - Greens.

Measurements: 47 X 47 x 47 x 47 cm

Each piece is handmade, taking care of every detail. Measurements can be slightly adapted according to needs.

Delivery time: Each piece requires at least two months of elaboration.

Price:  mail to for information.

Tables/ Puffs July and August
Tables/ Puffs July and August