Blanca Muñoz

The work of contemporary artist Blanca Muñoz (Madrid, 1963) uses a powerful spatial concept also present in embroidery: the negative or empty space that’s left on the fabric is crucial to appreciate the thread and the pattern. It is precisely this relationship what generates its beauty. This respect for emptiness is at the heart of Blanca’s work: “I'm fascinated by the idea that something that you don't see could shape that which you see”, she says. The Japanese call this notion Ma ( 間 ) and it pervades their life. It's not considered an absence of something that separates but as a relationship and the heart of things.

Antonio Ballester Moreno

Antonio Ballester Moreno’s (Madrid, 1977) work is focused on painting. It revolves around iconographies closely linked to the quotidian and to the primary expression of Nature. In the realm of representation, his images are scarce, essential. They depict suns, rain, trees, plants, mountains or moons, which are treated by truly austere means.

In constant exploration of materials and techniques, Ballester Moreno defends the artisanal, the creative manifestations considered as minor or amateur art, and which he raises to the same level as the so-called cultured art.

A powerful symbiosis between the artisanal legacy of Spain and the creative process of a contemporary artist.