The Artisans

These are the people behind the hands who have, generation after generation, inherited the ancient legacy of embroidery. It is because of them that I L O E M A exists.

Alberto Simón

Fostering a generational succession is essential to preserve an ancient tradition on the brink of extinction and is at the heart of what we do at Iloema. Alberto Simón is an exceptionally talented young man who has learnt to extract the purity of embroidery from the master artisans in Lagartera and Herreruela - two influential towns in the ancient craft of the thread. He claims that the meditative power of embroidery has helped him enormously to quiet the mind.

We go to the source of the craft. The geographical areas in Spain recognized for nurturing a particular tradition and a longstanding cultural legacy. We identify the skilful masters behind each craft. We meet them and listen to their stories. They listen to ours.