The Magistral Esculpture

Sculptural centerpiece hand-embroidered in silver thread and colored silk, applying the different traditional techniques used in gold embroidery (double hip, basket, paved brick, etc.) This piece of textile art is the result of the joint work of the sculptor Blanca Muñoz and the workshop of Jesus Rosado (Ecija). Magistral is accompanied by 8 individual pieces with the shape of the sculpture flat and hand-embroidered on its perimeter.

Limited edition of 8 numbered units.  

Measures: 70 x 50 x 20 cm

Each piece is made by hand, one by one, taking care of every last detail. The measurements are indicative.

Delivery time Estimated production time may take 12-24 weeks. 

All our pieces are unique, handmade and made to order.

Price Send email to for information.

Escultura Magistral Arte Textil Decorativo