Escudos Tablecloth

The Escudos tablecloth, our tribute to a traditional design from Lagartera (Toledo). We have used the counted thread technique, in which we methodically count the number of warp and weft threads of the fabric for each stitch, which results in a precise and spectacular embroidery pattern.

100 % Linen White - Beige

Thread color: Mustard- Green- Green- Blue- Cauldron.

Measurements 280x 180 cm

Each piece is handmade, one by one, taking care of every detail. The measures are orientative, with availability of customization according to your needs with a width limit of 290cm approx.

Delivery time: The estimated production time can take between 14 and 18 weeks.

All our pieces are unique, handcrafted and made to order.

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Escudos Tablecloth
Escudos Tablecloth
Escudos Tablecloth