Mostrar la artesanía textil española uniendo pasado y presente, artistas y artesanos

Our Objectives

IlOEMA, the story of a journey


Patterns and embroidery have always travelled. Across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, from Europe to Latin America and back again, their threads have gradually woven history. Now, ILOEMA embarks on a voyage which first began in Toledo. Navalcán, Lagartera, Herreruela and Torrico were our first stops in a quest to restore embroidery traditions with a contemporary perspective.

ILOEMA began as a personal project led by two friends –Teresa and Silvia–, who listened to their hearts rather than their heads. The name ‘ILOEMA’ is a combination of the Spanish words ‘hilo’ [thread] and ‘poema’ [poem]. The nightingale represents Filomela, a figure from Greek mythology who recounts her tragedy using embroidery. Embroidery is a means of expression, a language. 

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